Friday, April 4, 2008


We all make mistakes in this world, because truly, no one is perfect. As much as we try to reach for perfection and make everything right, there will be times where we make mistakes and fall. The best way to deal with this or solve it, though, is to get back up and either start over or continue from where you stopped. In my opinion, being resilient or quick to recover is in fact “the greatest glory” as Confucius says it in his statement.

Everyone, everyday faces a challenge. A good and simple example is a student in high school. When starting high school, we usually go into freshman year thinking about getting good grades for college. We study hard first year, a little harder the second year, then all of a sudden you stop on your third year. The challenge is to continue studying hard junior year because it’s the most important of all; it’s the year where your grades will be sent to the colleges you apply for. Unfortunately, you start getting lazy and worrying about unimportant things that are going on in your life which makes you go completely low in you grades and fall behind. If you continue to fall behind, you’ll eventually fall, and in some cases, not pass for the year, considering that you need these credits to graduate. This is tha part when you bring yourself up and try harder on putting your focus on what really matters, which is college, and to get there, you can’t continue to fall. I think that most of the times, it’s best to think that you need to reach that goal rather then making it optional. That way, it’s much easier to get out of the hole once you’ve fallen.

Another example that always motivates me to get up and keep trying is my mother actions when she was in a tough situation. While going through a rough divorce with my father, my mother managed to keep her head high and not fall behind along with her marriage. She did everything she could to get her strength in keeping up and her thoughts away from my father. Most of the time when you focus on other things that are more important, it makes it easier for you to get back up. In my mothers case, focusing on my sister and I was her way out of it. If she had chosen to stay in her depressing moment rather than quickly recovering from, she could’ve eventually brought down more people with her, which is why in some cases, you should not only choose to recover quickly but have to. Now she continues to liver her life happily, and I think that if she were to fall into another hole, she would recover even faster than before.

When we choose to rise every time we fall, eventually we become stronger and more experienced, learning from what made us fall behind before. This makes it, not impossible, but harder to fall and much easier to reach our goals, or success.

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Natalia Amorim said...

I chose to post this assignment mostly because it was the only on-demand writing that I could think of. After typing it and reading it over, though, I liked writing about the prompt I got. I believe in what I wrote, and even though it was not a great essay, I think I did pretty well on it.